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      The Department of ATM is graduating specialty 7.070106 - Car & Automobile Industry , based bachelor in "Automotive". The department has a license to train masters specified specialty. Graduates have the opportunity to study at postgraduate specialty 05.22.20 "Operation and maintenance of transport".
The main scientific directions of the department are : development strategies and project management of production systems in road transport , development and improvement of processes and frequency of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles , improving car performance properties and methods of the study.
      The Department is headed by Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Ph.D., Professor of ATM Victor Bilichenko. He is a graduate of our department. In 1989 he defended his thesis, and in 1993 he was awarded the rank of associate professor. In 2006 Bilichenko V.V. has been elected a corresponding member of the Transport Academy of Ukraine, and in 2009 - the Transport Academy of Ukraine. He has over 140 scientific and methodical works, including 2 monograph, 10 textbooks, including one labeled with MOE of Ukraine.

      The department has 20 full-time teachers, of whom 16 (80%) have academic titles and degrees, including 2 professors, PhD; 9 associate professors, Ph.D. with degrees; 6 persons without degrees; 3 senior teachers; teaching and support staff - 7 people. In addition the department has six workers - PhD, professor; 4 Ph.D., associate professors and 1 assistant.

      The Department ATM. From left to right, top row: Antonyuk O.P., Kuzhel V.P., Smirnov E.V., Varchuk V.V., Ohnevyi V.O., Halushchak D..;
    middle row: Burennikov Y.Y., Kashkanov .., Kreschenetskyy V.L., Sevost'yanov S.M., Poliakov A.P., Kukurudzyak Y.Y., Bilichenko V.V., Zelinskyi V.Y., Makarov V.., Kashkanov V.., Borysiuk D.V., rbv S.S., Tsymbal S.V.;
        bottom row: Tsymbal O.V., Romaniuk S.., Dmitrieva, A.V., Sonko N.P., Makarova .V.

      Faculty are constantly working to improve the efficiency and quality of the educational process. This widely used various means to intensify training , which include electronic books, display stands , modern teaching aids . In the educational process is widely used in computer technology lectures , practice course, diploma and laboratory work . To master the skills of working with modern information technology, the department implemented a system of continuous computer training students.       Careful assessment is carried out ECTS in accordance with the Bologna Convention that encourages students to rhythmic systematic work throughout the trimester .
Since 2004, the department conducted research work on the development , implementation strategies and project management of production systems transport. As part of the referral under the direction InMT Burennikov Y.A. and head of the department Bilichenko V.V. in the years 2006-2013 was developed the concept of road passenger transport to optimize the route network in Vinnitsa custom Vinnytsia City Council.

In 2016 a new specialty was opened on the basis of the ATM department: 275 Transport technologies.

      During the program, students use the results of scientific research carried out by the department, as well as scientists and research groups both in Ukraine and other countries. Members of the department are actively teaching and research. Employees of the Department prepared and published seven books, three manual approved by Ministry of Education of Ukraine and 26 textbooks approved by the University. Over the past two years, has published more than forty scientific papers in professional journals, listed VAC of Ukraine.
      Since 2005, the Department actively work to establish and improve the center for diagnosis and repair, which is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and technology for the statements of experts equip the center higher than the leading centers of education that allows for student learning and research at the highest level.
      Practical skills required to work in the specialty, students receive: the process of preparing the program working profession "repairman" to give a diploma qualified policy, and during the research and design-engineering undergraduate and practices that students are 4 th year in the business of Vinnitsa and other cities of Ukraine.

      In 2008 the Department initiated an international scientific conference "Modern technologies and prospects of road transport " In 2013, the Department conducted the sixth international scientific conference "Modern technologies and prospects of development of road transport ," which was dedicated to the Day of Road Transport and Traffic economy.

Since the establishment of the department, more than 2500 qualified specialists of road transport have been trained, including more than 100 masters. Doctoral dissertations were defended by Palamarchuck I.P. (2008), Bilichenko V.V. (2013), Grushko O.V. (2013).
Ph.D. dissertations were defended by: Bilichenko V.V. (1989), Kreschenetskyy V.L. (1989), Kashkanov A.A. (2000), Grushko O.V. (2000), Krajewski V.A. (2004), Kukurudzyak Y.Y. (2005), Krasnoshtan A.M. (2007), Yatskivskyy V.I. (2007), Kashkanov V.A. (2008), Kuzhel V.P. (2009), Burennikov Y.Y.(2009), Ivanchuk Y.V. (2009), Dobrovolsky A.L. (2012), Procenko O.M. (2014), Hrechanyuk M.S. (2014), Romaniuk S.. (2014), Tsymbal S.V. (2015), Halushchak D.. (2015), Smirnov E.V. (2017), Ohnevyi V.O. (2017), Halushchak O.. (2017).

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