Department of Automobiles and Transport Management

Educational process

Specialities and specializations

An educational process on a department takes place on direction the "Automobile transport"

Disciplines which are laid out on the department

  1. Informatics
  2. Basics of profession
  3. Operating materials
  4. Automobiles
  5. Bases of branch economy (working profession)
  6. Rules of road traffic (working profession)
  7. Technique of search of work (working profession)
  8. Special technologies (working profession)
  9. Motor-car engines
  10. Bases of technical diagnostics of cars
  11. Bases of research works
  12. Economy of enterprise
  13. Technical exploitation of cars
  14. Management and marketing
  15. Mechanization and automation of technical service and cars repair on the motor transport enterprises
  16. Transport are operating internalss of highways and town streets
  17. Design of technological processes of motor transport enterprises
  18. Strategy of steady development of transport
  19. Safety of travelling motion
  20. Diagnostics of the systems of car
  21. Normatively is the legal providing on a motor transport
  22. Bases of auto of technical examination travelling - transport adventures
  23. Organization of motor-car transportations
  24. Electric and electronic equipment of cars
  25. Bases of technology of production and repair of cars
  26. Bases of enterprise
  27. Organization and management a car-care center
  28. Brandname maintenance of cars
  29. Bases of licensing and certification are on a motor transport
  30. Organization of travelling motion
  31. Specialized rolling stock and his exploitation
  32. Planning and exploitation of technological equipment
  33. Ecological bases and resource saving
  34. Production and technical base of enterprise of motor transport
  35. Management of technical services of motor transport
  36. Judicial questions of judicial an auto technical examination
  37. Theory of town passenger transportations
  38. Methods of prognostication of activity of transport enterprises
  39. Mathematical methods of optimization of processes
  40. xpert technologies of making decision
  41. Informatively are the computer systems on a motor transport
  42. Organization of productive processes is on a motor transport
  43. Economic ground of innovative decisions
  44. The productive systems are on a motor transport
  45. Modern methods of increase of efficiency of technical exploitation of cars
  46. Safety of vehicles
  47. Efficiency and quality of services is on a motor transport
  48. International requirements are to the construction and exploitation of cars <-->

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