Department of Automobiles and Transport Management
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Educational and Methodical Work

The basis of the methodical providing of educational process at the department are the educational and methodical complexes of leading disciplines, which consist of:

  1. - curriculum;
  2. - working curriculum;
  3. - workplan of discipline;
  4. - lecture notes;
  5. - facilities for conducting of current and final control: examination tickets, control tasks to practical and laboratory employments, tests to check the level of students' mastering of educational material, tasks of module control, tasks for independent work of students;
  6. - list of educational and educational and methodical literature that provides the study of discipline and its copies.

Educational and professional training programs for bachelors:

    Disciplines for the preparation of bachelors in specialty 274 - "Automobile Transport"

  1. Computer science
  2. Cars
  3. Car engines
  4. Operational materials
  5. Fundamentals of professional activity
  6. Technical operation of cars
  7. Fundamentals of scientific research
  8. Fundamentals of entrepreneurship
  9. Organization and management of car-care center
  10. Branded car service
  11. Basics of technology of production and repair of cars
  12. Technological equipment for car maintenance and repair
  13. Road safety
  14. Modeling of technological processes of automobile transport enterprises
  15. Organization of road transport
  16. Enterprise economy
  17. Mechanization and automation of vehicle maintenance and repair at road transport enterprises
  18. Electrical and electronic equipment for cars
  19. Management and marketing
  20. Sustainable Development Strategy
  21. Strategy of development of motor transport enterprises
  22. Diagnosis of mechatronic of a car systems
  23. Fundamentals of licensing and certification of automobile transport
  24. Organization of road traffic
  25. Perspective car designs
  26. Normative and legal support for motor transport
  27. Basics of road accident technical expertise
  28. Transport-operational qualities of highways and city streets

    Disciplines for the preparation of masters in the specialty 274 - "Automobile Transport"

  1. Modern information technologies in science and education
  2. Economic justification of innovative solutions in the transport sector
  3. Methodology and organization of scientific research
  4. Management of technical services of automobile transport
  5. Modern methods and systems for diagnosing vehicles
  6. Industrial and technical base of automobile transport enterprises
  7. Management and marketing in automobile transport
  8. Theory of urban passenger transportation
  9. Information and computer systems in automobile transport
  10. Trends and prospects of car service development
  11. Modern methods of increasing the efficiency of technical operation of vehicles

    Disciplines for the preparation of bachelors in specialty 275 - "Transport Technologies (Automobile Transport)"

  1. Computer technique and programming
  2. Basics of management
  3. Basics of marketing
  4. Fundamentals of the theory of control systems
  5. Investigation of operations in transport systems
  6. General course of transport
  7. Basics of transport economics
  8. Information systems and technologies
  9. Means of transport
  10. Logistics
  11. Fundamentals of the theory of transport processes and systems
  12. Freight transportation
  13. Passenger transportation
  14. Specialized rolling stock of motor transport
  15. Interaction of kinds of transport
  16. Transport law
  17. Introduction to the specialty
  18. Freight forwarding work
  19. Fundamentals of technical diagnostics of cars
  20. Traffic safety rules
  21. Organization and technology of loading and unloading operations
  22. Cargo science
  23. Management of transport's work
  24. Modern computer technologies
  25. Transport sites
  26. Logistics of city transport systems
  27. Economics of international transportations
  28. Basics of international road transport organization

    Disciplines for the preparation of masters in the specialty 275 - "Transport Technologies (Automobile Transport)"

  1. Project analysis
  2. Modern transport technologies
  3. Transport development strategies
  4. Modern problems of management theory and practice
  5. Logistics systems in transport
  6. Theory of urban passenger transportation
  7. Fundamentals of licensing and certification of automobile transport
  8. Integrated transport systems
  9. Motor transport expertise
  10. Automated control systems for transport

    Disciplines for the preparation of PhD

  1. System engineering of motor transport
  2. Fundamentals of the theory of control of the operability and reliability of wheeled vehicles
  3. Intelligent transport systems
  4. Fundamentals of scientific project management
  5. Modeling the development of transport systems
  6. Methodological bases of forecasting methods for justifying decisions
  7. Fundamentals of the theory of technical diagnostics
  8. Theoretical basis for ensuring safety in road transport

Methodical materials for implementation of:

In recent years, teachers and fellow workers of the department have published such teaching aids:

  1. Кашканов, А. А. Безпека руху автомобільного транспорту. Навчальний посібник / А. А. Кашканов, О. Г. Грисюк. - Вінниця: ВНТУ, 2005. - 58 с.
  2. Біліченко, В. В. Основи конструкції автомобілів. Ходова частина. Навчальний посібник / В. В. Біліченко, В. Й. Зелінський, С. М. Севостьянов. - Вінниця: ВНТУ, 2007. - 59 с.
  3. Біліченко, В. В. Менеджмент технічних служб на автотранспортних підприємствах. Навчальний посібник / В. В. Біліченко, В. В. Варчук, О. В. Вдовиченко. - Вінниця: ВНТУ, 2007. - 117 с
  4. Анісімов, В. Ф. Тепловий та динамічний розрахунок автомобільних двигунів. Навчальний посібник / В. Ф. Анісімов, А. В. Дмитрієва, С. М. Севостьянов. - Вінниця: ВНТУ, 2009. - с. 130.
  5. Бурєнніков, Ю. А. Рухомий склад автомобільного транспорту: робочі процеси та елементи розрахунку. Навчальний посібник / Ю. А. Бурєнніков, А. А. Кашканов, В. М. Ребедайло. - Вінниця: ВНТУ, 2009.
  6. Кашканов, А. А. Інформаційні комп'ютерні системи автомобільного транспорту: навчальний посібник / А. А. Кашканов, В. П. Кужель, О. Г. Грисюк. - Вінниця: ВНТУ, 2010. - 230 с.
  7. Кукурудзяк Ю. Ю. Технічна експлуатація автомобілів. Організація технологічних процесів ТО і ПР : навчальний посібник / Ю. Ю. Кукурудзяк, В. В. Біліченко. - Вінниця : ВНТУ, 2010. - 198 с.
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