Department of Automobiles and Transport Management

Technical base

      An educational process on the department of cars and transport management of is fully provided with educational by apartments. An educational area is on one student after development material and technical base meets standards on 100%. Educational apartments are well-organized the proper furnitures, have necessary state. In these apartments the proper checking system is supported after the observance of requirements of TV, productive sanitation and fire-prevention safety.

      The material and technical base of university, which is used by students, answers requirements higher educational to establishment and provides realization of all types of lessons after speciality and research work students of speciality "Cars and motor-car economy".

  Equipment of educational laboratories of department of

  1. Laboratory of cars by an area a 64,0 m2
  2.       A laboratory is equipped by models with the cuts of basic knots of modern cars, by a device for determination of coefficients co-operating of car with a road, by stands: cut of hydrodynamic transmission of car, gear-box, cardan transmission, coupling, main transmission, working part, brake system of car, steering management, standards of details of cars different brands.

  3. Laboratory of organization and safety of motion, 49,2 m2
  4.       A laboratory is equipped by such equipment: traffic-light; stand of travelling "traffic Regulation"; a stand the "Road marking"; a stand of "Location of transport vehicles is on the road"; a stand is "Rate of movement of transport vehicles" stand of government a car" "Base; a stand is the "Brake system of car"; a stand is the "Steering management of cars"; a stand is "Cars which influence on safety of motion"

  5. Laboratory of construction and exploitation of cars, 180,0 m2
  6.       A laboratory is equipped by such equipment: microlaboratory special Ͳ- 522; engine with the box of - 52; bridge front - 52; bridge back - 52; undercarriage of - 53; bridge front - 24; a bridge is back; crankcase; stand of - of - 211; a gas analyzer of 4th is a channel; stand of 532-; stand of - 968; engine of - 412; an engine is Honda; engine of ; accumulator of 6- 132; work table-bench (4 odes.); dynamometer of - 05 (3 odes.); device charge -10

  7. Laboratory of motor-car engines by an area a 49,5 m2
  8.       A laboratory is equipped by next stands: engine of - 740; engine of - 130; engine of - 412; engine of ; stands: "System of cooling of engine", "System of feed of diesel", "System of painting of engine", "Fuel system", " mechanism", "Carburetters of motor-car engines ", "Piston-rods of engines", "Pistons of motor-car engines"; petrolift of high-pressure; a stand is for verification of sprayers of diesel engines

  9. Laboratory of operating materials by an area a 32,8 m2
  10.       A laboratory is equipped by a drying closet, drawing closet. A laboratory is manned by the field laboratories, standards fuel and lubricating materials, by devices for realization of laboratory works : determination of content of water, determination to neutrality of fuel, determination of closeness by means of , determination of factious composition of fuel, determination kinematics viscidity of butter, determination of temperature of flash and spunking of diesel fuel, determination of temperature of plastic butters, determination of composition of antifreeze by means of hydrometra, densimeter, . A laboratory has equipment: , distiller of water, , scales of - 200, field laboratory, device of FOLDERS, device for research of combustion of fuel is in open crucible, device for research of combustion of fuel in closed crucible, device for determination of factious composition of fuel and other

  11. Center of diagnostics and repair of cars by an area a 105 m2
  12.       In laboratories placed : a lift ; - complex "Octopus-forcing"; complex of - "Octopus is an acoustician"; motor-tester of - 254 (2 odes.); - it is a motor-tester of - 5524; compressor of 4 - 24.J1047A; device of toe and camber of wheels is EXACT 36-4 sensors; 5- 16; -; a device is "Innovator"; device of ""; welding device is - 101-42; gas analyzer of ""; gas analyzer of "-1"; strobometr - 5; soft-hardware complex with printer is CanonBJS CPU P - IV 1.7; "AUTOSCINTISCANNER-INSTITUTE" of higher; decelerometer of AVZM - 100; a complex is on research of working properties of cars; a complex is on research of operating properties of motor-car wheels; tachometer of - 10; taximeter; work table-bench (2 odes.); A stand is on repair; stands: "Wear of motor-car details", "Metallic materials", "Non-metal materials", "Types of connections", "Proceeding in motor-car details"; micrometre (3 odes.); of - 2018; hole-gauge.

  13. Station of determination of the technical state of vehicles, 276,0 m2

  14.       A laboratory is equipped by next stands: brake stand of Midi 6/20; measuring device of total backlash of steering management -; a device is for verification of pull of straps of ; manometer of 05; measuring device of parameters of light of headlights of - 01; measuring device of - glasses ; measuring device of exhaust gases Meta 01 of 1.0; gas analyzer multicomponent - 02.02; barometer-aneroid meteorological - 1; psychrometer is aspiration M - 34; hygrometer - 1; scales electronic suspended - 30/10; anemometer of - 13; stop-watch mechanical of -2- 010; the key is dynamometric (3 odes.)

  Practice students pass on the branch of department of of LTD. " "

Place of being of enterprise : Vinnytsya, 112, Saltykov-Schedrin street

An enterprise carries out activity in next directions:

  • Passenger transportations and services are in transportation of physical and legal persons.
  • Sale of cars (Bohdan, Isuzu).
  • Sale of repair autoparts to the cars Bohdan, Isuzu.
  • Repair of busses which are present in a presence and on the order of physical and legal persons.
  • Services cars and medical review of drivers on an order.
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